Digital Ethical Dilemma

Ethical dilemmas in video games is a very tricky fish with me. I’d never really want to take out an entire police squad with a bazooka or run over an entire block of people with a tank, but damn it’s fun to do so in a video game. I’ll be honest, I’m probably one of the few campaign gamers who hasn’t been able to get into Grand Theft Auto. Sure, I’ve had fun with the sandbox and randomly driving places, but the aimless progression and overly emotionless feel of the world doesn’t do much for me. Believe me, I have enough narcissism and am cynical enough to “get it”, but sitting and playing it never does much for me as a gamer, despite the fun and absurd physics.
Seeing Grand Theft Auto 5 (V) in action fires this desire to play a series I’ve never immensely enjoyed playing outside of endless nights at my best friends house playing 3 on his PS2 what seems like eons ago! I’ve kicked myself in the ass for breezing through the reviews and seeing the high scores for the game I should have no interest in. I make it my business to keep up with games, being a gamer, but my wanting to play something so shiny and new comes with a cost of something much more serious.
My wife has issues with the game. She doesn’t have absolute rule over what I play and rarely voices her disgust against the brutality of some of the games I play. She gets why I enjoy gaming, but she doesn’t do so herself.
The fact that you get money/ points for going around and killing pedestrians, especially hookers, disgusts her. She doesn’t want it in her house. I understand that and while I know it’s a virtual world and I’m well beyond that point of influence (I don’t even go near hookers!), I defer to her on this.
As much as I don’t enjoy being over misogynistic, I do enjoy being a male. I love a lady as much as the next guy. However, scantily clad women wearing bikini-esque armor as useful as a butt hole on one’s elbow strolling through snow does little for me. Likewise, women’s sole purpose being sex objects for these characters don’t do anything for me. I get the parody and commentary and laugh at that aspect of it in the GTA series, but I don’t much enjoy feeling disgusted and slimy as I play a game.
Being a gamer is full of hypocrisy. I love racing games, yet haven’t played a racing game I enjoy on the current generation of consoles. I’m a console gamer, yet love gaming on my i Pad. With those things in consideration, it’s hard to take and keep a sound ethical stand on gaming. In my life outside of games, I’m pretty sound in my beliefs, but should that stop when I escape with a controller in hand?


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