All so Comical – February 2015 (Star Wars, kid!)

I haven’t shut up or stopped thinking about Star Wars since the teaser trailer for “The Force Awakens” was released. I’m once again six years old, imagining the possibilities and adventures in a galaxy far, far, away.
For years, I have pondered what happened between the destruction of the Death Star and the Rebel Alliance making camp on the frozen planet of Hoth. These stories were being told, but between me falling out with comics (it wasn’t them, it was me) and being weary of the stories being authentic, I didn’t pay them any mind. With the combination of Disney acquiring Marvel and Lucasfilm and me relatively recently getting back into comics, I finally returned to characters I know and love.
Writer Jason Aaron (“Thor: God of Thunder”,”Southern Bastards”) and artist John Cassaday’s (“Astonishing X-Men”, “Uncanny Avengers”) telling of the events after the destruction of the Death Star does my imagination justice. It looks and feels like “Star Wars”. Even new character moments, like Leia really wanting to kill Vader, come to fruition like I haven’t imagined and the movies have never dealt with. For some, this is an issue. For me, it makes sense. Leia doesn’t have a home anymore, so, yeah she would want to kill whoever’s responsible! The characters look and read like their movie counterparts, and the environments and vehicles look similarly industrial and rundown, being characters in their own rights. Star Wars, how I have missed thee.
Likewise, Keiron Gillen (“Wicked + Devine”, “Journey Into Mystery”) and Salvador Larroca’s (“Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra”, “X-Men: No More Humans”) “Darth Vader” book brings familiar elements while introducing new ones. Yes, the Sith-Lord is still bad-ass, but also desperate. The destruction of the Death Star has put him in a bad spot; the emperor blaming its destruction on Vader. Gillen’s writing is spot on and entertaining (the homage opening-narrative is a fun twist). This book is more so artist Larroca’s shining star, conveying Vader’s desperation and even his sliver of humanity through drawn body language.
Both books are great for Star Wars fans and even for people interested in reading comics. They give me confidence that Star Wars is in good hands over at Disney and makes me even more excited to see what the new movies bring.
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Pull List: -Daredevil
– Rocket Raccoon
– Amazing Spider-Man
– Superman
– Action Comics
– Black Science
– Rat Queens
– Rumble
– Star Wars
– Stars Wars: Darth Vader
– Saga
– Silver Surfer
– Wicked + Devine
– Thor
– Copperhead
– Wytches
– Ms. Marvel
– Captain Marvel

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– Aquaman
– Southern Bastards
– Sex Criminals
– Wonderwoman
– Deadpool
– Alex + Ada

Interested in Reading: – Lumberjanes
– Swamp Thing
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Favorite Series – Bone

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