I guess I should begin by saying that mostly I’m used to blogging about video games. Every once in a while I’ll pitch in about a movie, but my scope in the past has been a bit too narrow and I want to branch out about all forms of dorky delights that appeal to me. This is also a bit of me coming out of my shell. For the first time, I’m hoping to start video blogging and post my progress about learning the guitar.
There will be rants about things in general as well. This is also a space I’ll use to pour out my heart and soul and be crotchety about the internet, and the world and whatnot! I’ll call myself out on things too! I believe humans are, by nature, fickle and stubborn as well as intelligent and good (I am a humanist).
I’ll also be sharing some of my out there interpretations of what songs really mean, hopefully mostly with a nod and a wink. I hope you stick around and at least find my space interesting.


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