The Ghost in My Head

You may say I’m crazy, I think his name his Alfonse. He can communicate with me telepathically, or at least he did once. He may be the reason I get scared at night. Either that, or my imagination gets the best of me.
He’s from a bygone era. I also think he’s German. He must of been a singer. He showed me images of pamphlets showing a man in front of a microphone, spotlight on him and a magnificent closed stage curtain behind. All in black and white, of course.
I read somewhere that ghosts prefer to communicate telepathically, it may be easier for them. It was just the one time. For me it was enough. Maybe I’m just a lousy medium and he needs someone better suited to tell whoever it is he needs to tell whatever it is he wants to say.
I’m not saying there’s no way it was just my imagination. The flashes of someone’s life could just be my mind throwing away excess images, collections of things that I’ve thought about, seen in movies, dreamt of in an expansive sea of dreams.
On the other hand, I do believe in ghosts. Ghost-centric horror movies scare me the most, probably because I subconsciously find them to be the most believable. I do consider the influences of the movies I’ve seen, the tales I’ve heard. My mind is matured, but I find I can still be impressionable.
I deeply believe I have a close connection to spiritual entities. I feel my fear is a sensor of sorts, an indicator that there is a presence around. This may not always be true and sometimes it just my mind, but other times it feels different. His name is Alfonse, I don’t think he’s going anywhere for a long time.