Woofa madness!

As I click and scroll (or press oily finger on screen and smear), I can’t help but look into the little woofas’ eyes. I’ve been wanting a dog of my own for as long as I can remember. When my wife first agreed to go out with me and decided it’d be ok if I stuck around, she had a dog of her own and he was awesome. His farts, not so much, but I never met a dog who was as convinced that he was human as Nick was. Unfortunately, things went down, she had to find homes for Nick and 2 cats and moved on sans-pet.
Since before we got married this year, I’ve been telling her I want a dog of my own. I agreed (and still do) that I would be the one to groom the dog, walk it, take it to puppy school, etc. Little did I know that she was harboring puppy fever of her own.
We came across the ultimate whoza-booza in our puppy search, the Havanese. Dogs literally bred for companionship, these miniature Bichon spin offs, are possibly the most adorable things to walk on four legs and shake their li’l tails. They’re wicked smart, don’t shed, and will conform to our living patterns. That’s not to say it’s all going to be easy or it’s a one way street.
I’m the biggest push-over ever. I’ll be that guy taking the dog to the park, Petco, driving it around in its puppy car harness, etc. I’ll have to restrain myself from spoiling the li’l fellah! And from getting the puppy before April!
We’re going through a very positive lifestyle change and the dog would be the icing on the cake. I know it’s a commitment, but it’s one I’m willing to keep and am looking forward to welcoming the dog to the family… in due time…