All So Comical – Catching Up and Cleaning Out

Buying and reading physical comics is harder to justify these days.  A few months ago when I was crossing off books such as “Rat Queens” and “Black Science” it was purely for the fact that I was running out of room in my box and had to “thin the herd”.  It was a hard choice, but between Rat Queen’s sporadic release-schedule and Black Science’s long-term commitment, it was easier to fall back on the familiar, and odder choices, among Marvel’s books.

What have I indeed been reading then these past few months?  Chip Zdarsky’s “Howard the Duck” series is pretty awesome, scratching that wacky-cosmic-capers itch.  Dan Slott’s “Silver Surfer” series also scratches the cosmic itch, though in a more nostalgic way.  Also, there’s “Saga” and “The Wicked + The Divine”, making up my Image books (I should read more Image books, though I do wait for trade for “Sex Criminals”).  Also, there’s Star Wars.


Star Wars remains so good.  Not just the “main” Jason Aaron book, either, but also Kieron Gillen’s “Darth Vader”.  Characters such as an anti-Dr. Jones, as well as murderous facsimiles of C-3P0 and R2-D2, and Vader himself, continue to expand the Star Wars universe in exciting ways and gives me confidence that the franchise, a favorite of mine, is in good hands.

The Jason Aaron train is one I’ve been enjoying riding.  “Star Wars”, “Doctor Strange”, “Thor”, and “Southern Bastards” provide most of my favorite reads.  His take on Strange is pretty original and he brings in some elements that I have never seen in a Marvel book before.  Thor continues to be the biggest bad-ass in that book and the plot keeps moving and I keep wanting to read more – so good!

DC Comics wise, I ended dropping Action Comics (though Super Man is my favorite superhero).  It just stopped being satisfying at one point.  I am reading Snyder’s “Batman”, but in trade form.  Any superhero fan would be hard pressed to not read that book, as well as “Justice League.”


Tastes change.  Lately I’ve tended to lean more to nostalgia and light wackiness in books.  “Samurai Jack” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” definitely scratch that itch, and are accessible with a couple of taps on my phone, or tablet.  There, space isn’t an issue.  It’s harder for me to justify buying actual books.  Maybe it’s the want to keep brick and mortar stores in business and a return to something comforting from my childhood.  I don’t plan to stop reading comics anytime soon, but how I read them definitely may change.


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